All of your company data, together at last.

Exchange insights with internal teams, connect to expert partners and integrate your favorite tools to create the most personal and comprehensive view of any company.

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Your company data is disconnected

Learning about a company requires endless digging through outdated spreadsheets, project management tools and research databases. It means sending cold emails to internal teams and multiple requests to  industry experts.

KITE connects all your trusted sources

Import the companies you track to automatically generate a complete company profile that is enriched with activity and valuable insights from all your connections.

→ Discover if your network has a relationship

→ See if you already track the company in one of your other tools

→ Stay informed on the latest news and activity

→ Organize information coming from all your sources

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Integrate your network, tools and favorite data sources

Internal Teams

Build cross-functional intelligence by broadcasting or selectively sharing with other teams your insights and relationships with potential partners, M&A targets and more.

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External Partners

Connect to consultants, investors, accelerators and trusted scouting partners to discover new companies or request insights on a company or sector of interest. Connect to clients to centralize your deliverables.

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Your Tools

Centralize data from platforms you use to track and manage company relationships. See info on a specific company from multiple sources side-by-side.

→ Link data collected from surveys or program applications.

→ Upload your data siloed in various spreadsheets.

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Dynamic Data Sources

Enrich your company profiles with real-time firmographic data from various sources so you always have a complete and current view.
of ever company.

→ Link to Owler or Crunchbase for funding and location data.

→ Link to SimilarWeb for website traffic and trends.

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Manage and share your company data

Designed for many use cases

KITE for Enterprises

→ Connect internal teams to create cross-functional visibility

→ Centralize your scouting insights received from trusted partners

→ Stop managing your partnerships and programs on spreadsheets

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KITE for Consultants

→ More effectively build out your unique layer of company data

→ Centralize report creation and streamline delivery of insights

→ Better engage your clients, increase impact and unlock new business

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KITE for Accelerators

→ Better manage and track applications and past cohorts

→ Stop managing your vetting and selection process in spreadsheets

→ Share application funnels, portfolio news and insights with your stakeholders

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KITE for Investors

→ Better manage and track your prospects and portfolio companies

→ Stay current on company events, competitors and news

→ Engage your LPs, increase your impact and unlock new funding

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