Our mission is to unite the ecosystem

We love solving real problems. We adhere to the no-a**hole rule. And we hold ourselves to high standards while not taking ourselves too seriously.

What is KITE?

KITE is the leading SaaS platform for enterprises, consultants, accelerators and investors to centralize, manage and share data on companies they track. Connect to internal teams, external partners, data sources and research tools to create a comprehensive view of any company. With KITE, you will work more efficiently and transparently, accelerate smarter decisions and increase the number of outcomes.

From our inception, the KITE vision was clear: unite all parts of the innovation ecosystem on a single system. Since that platform did not exist, we decided to build it. In true Silicon Valley fashion, we sketched the first version on the back of a napkin. We’ve expanded our use cases to include all types of company data that need to be managed and shared. We have added elegant features, integrations and capabilities based on customer feedback loops. The form factor, user interface and distribution have evolved, but the original vision remains as relevant today.

How we built KITE

We have built KITE with valuable insights from and working closely with our customers. Along the way, we discovered that enterprise business units, accelerators, consultants and investors share a similar interface and have similar needs when it comes to managing and sharing company data.

Today, KITE is leveraged in nearly every sector, including CPG, insurance, financial services, government, pharma, media and entertainment, manufacturing, sports and more.

We Rise Together

As we add awesome new people to our team, we constantly return to “We Rise Together”— the mantra we adopted early on and that informs everything we do.

Our Partners

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