Brown Venture Group

Black-owned VC firm focused on Black, Latino and Native American technology entrepreneurs.

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About Brown Venture Group

Brown Venture Group, LLC (BVG), is a member of the NAIC (National Association of Investment Companies), the largest network of diverse-owned Private Equity Firms and Hedge Funds in America, and is committed to investing in Brown Success.

Founded in 2018, Brown Venture Group is a Black-owned venture capital firm exclusively focused on Black, Latino, and Native American technology entrepreneurs. BVG is based in Minnesota in the Twin Cities metro area and provides technology Founders of Color with investment capital, training, and professional networks that assist in launching and scaling tech-based startups.

Why connect with Brown Venture Group on KITE?

We believe that by leveraging technological entrepreneurship, we can bypass many of the cognitive and racial biases that have historically prevented economic and human flourishing within communities of Color. Moreover, we believe that as a result of multi-generational adversity, communities of Color are particularly resilient and, therefore, ideal entrepreneurs with an enormous upside investment potential. Put differently, BVG was formed to help communities of Color turn our historical disadvantage into a competitive business advantage.

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