Dark Web Crawlers

This KITE Market Scan covers the top Dark Web Crawling startups and platforms; including Cobwebs, ZeroFox, DarkOwl, and more.

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Customer data, intellectual property, brand image, and more are at consistent risk of abuse or theft by malicious agents, and without the proper tools to identify and mitigate these breaches, companies are at serious risk. The companies included in this list all have a specific set of technological capabilities that allow them to access and track threats across the open, deep, and dark web for their customers. This specificity of technology and use case makes them easy to find across startup databases and within the greater cybersecurity landscape.

This report contains 24 companies operating within the cyber threat intelligence and dark web crawling space. Of the original 24, nine “Top Companies” have been chosen for being most relevant to the brief ask. Each company included is versed within the industry and has market-tested capability in dark web analysis and tracking.Of the “Top Companies,” the KITE Analyst team chose three as “Top Picks:” Cobwebs, ZeroFox, and DarkOwl.

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